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All kind of tapes can be found here. Available for All industry uses. 

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Packing materials when use sufficiently will protect your package. Giving customers 100% assurance of their items shipped to them with peace of mind.

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Adhesive Tapes

We stock a complete range of adhesive tapes for all industry. 

Packaging material

We have serveral type of packaging material available for you to choose.

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Our tools will assist you in faster packing and increase work flow.

Industrial Packaging Material and Industrial Tape Supplier Malaysia

CPAK Packaging is an industrial packaging material supplier in Malaysia. We are the wholesales and distributors of different types of packing material such as a full range of adhesive tapes, packing material like stretch film and bubble wrap, and packing tools to simplify the packing process. Our Team consists of vibrant youth that gives all of our industry clients an excellent service and guarantees the best value which is a combination of high-quality products and reasonable prices to fit your needs. We carry a full range of industrial packaging tape like masking tape, opp tape, and opp printed tape, double-sided tape, cloth tape, etc..

We also have other packing material available in stock such as stretch films, single layer bubble wrap, double layer bubble wrap. We are constantly sourcing for the most affordable quality materials for your packaging needs so you can focus on what is most important in your business.

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They have a very competitive price in the market. Their customer service is also very friendly at solving our problems.

Bryan Lee


I like their service and quality assurance. Buying from them I feel secured.

Pei Ling


Friendly staff, competitive price, fast response from sales. The perfect combination of a great team.

Hii Jing

Director, WT Hose & Coupling


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