Bubble Wrap: Definition

Bubble Wrap is basically a sheet of plastic that contains air bubbles. It’s used to protect fragile items while they are being shipped or moved from one place to the next. Air bubbles are used to protect fragile goods from damage during shipping or moving. Bubble Wrap comes in sheets, rolls, and is often embedded into mail envelopes.

How to Use Bubble Wrap ?

We will show you step-by-step how to use bubble wrap for packaging.

Wrap your Goods on a Flat and Clean Surface

Find a flat, clean surface on which to pack your goods for shipping. You will need to have enough space for your merchandise and packaging materials, such as the Single Layer Bubble Wrap or Double Layer Bubble Wrap rolls. It is important to have enough space to tape, fold and secure your merchandise without having to move any desk decorations or desktop wear.

Lay out Bubble Wrap so its Bubble Side faces up

Make sure that the Bubble Wrap is laid out so that the bubble side faces upwards. This will allow the bubble pockets to do their job efficiently and protect fragile goods during transit. If they are exposed, the air bubbles will likely burst during shipping. This defeats the purpose of bubble wrap.

Surround Product with Generously

Don’t skimp on using Bubble Wrap to protect the items that you ship. Customers get frustrated when they are forced to wait for their packages to arrive after a few days, or even weeks. Customers get annoyed when they have to wait for their packages to arrive only to discover that the goods inside are damaged. This will damage your brand’s reputation and cause more customers to call you to inquire about your return policy. You will likely need to use more packing material than the original packaging material in order to protect your merchandise while it travels. Bubble Wrap, which is small enough to protect your TV’s screen from scratches and stains, may not be sufficient. You might need some foam to prevent impact damage. This helps to ensure that your TV is safe in transit.

Seal the Box with a Gently Closed Seal for Transit

Once you have wrapped the merchandise in Bubble Wrap and any other packaging materials like desiccants or moisture protection, all that is left is to seal the shipping container.

Benefits for Utilising Bubble Wrap for Packing

Here are some benefits of using bubble wrap to pack items before shipping.

You can reuse your bubble wrap again and again.

Don’t throw away your Bubble Wrap when it is no longer needed. Bubble Wrap can be reused multiple times, unless it is severely damaged. You can use your Bubble Wrap multiple times as long as most of the air bubbles remain intact. This will allow you to protect your most valuable products and goods while they are in transit. Bubble Wrap is a much more eco-friendly option than other packaging options that are difficult to reuse. You can also reuse Bubble Wrap multiple times, which is a significant cost-savings.

Bubble Wrap is very adaptable and versatile

Bubble wrap can be used to protect and insulate small cargo items. It can be easily cut with scissors to any shape you need. Bubble wrap sheets large enough to wrap different types of cargo are flexible enough to be used effectively. Bubble wrap can also be used for other purposes than shipping. Some people even use it to protect their windows in summer. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

A Very Lightweight Option

Bubble Wrap is one of the most lightweight packaging materials (void fill) available. Bubble Wrap’s structure is primarily made of air and some light-weight plastic layers to increase its durability. It is a lightweight packaging material that can save you a lot of shipping costs, especially if you ship large quantities. Shipping by weight means that you can ship less merchandise and incur less fuel costs. To save space in your warehouse, you can use bubble wrap as an alternative. This article will provide more information about air pillow packaging.

Other Bubble Wrap Applications

Other than being used to ship products, there are other uses for Bubble Wrap.

Padding Knees

Some garden work, such as planting or weeding, requires some kneeling. This can make it painful and uncomfortable. You can make a Bubble Wrap rectangle by folding it into a rectangular shape and using it as a kneeling pad. You’ll feel better in your hips and legs with the extra cushioning.

Protecting Plants

Bubble Wrap is a great way to protect your plants and new seeds during the colder months. Bubble Wrap acts as a greenhouse by keeping the soil and plants warm.